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Forky Pokey Promise?

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Forky Pokey Promise?

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I saw a clip of this film ages ago on some remote norwegian site... it was pre-edit and everything. Can't find it now. And now, alors, it is all real, it has its own website. If I can't see this film, I might die. Oh, yeah, it's got David Tennant in it too, I think xD but it's all Norwegian and British and... *sigh*

My crazyness. My mind is starting to play tricks on me. My mother keeps going '... I'm going to take you to the Doctor.' whenever I totally spaz out and start talking to the wee green men from Mars, or whatever it is is supposed to be wrong with me. Srsly I could do something about having to look behind all the large furniture in the rooms before I sit down :/ but meh because everyone is a little crazy, right?

Some kid got stabbed in our school. The fuck? This is Newcastle, not bloody Chicago or New York or something (not that I actually know bugger all about knife crime). I heard it was two guys off the special bus, so nobody cared all that much. He didn't even stab him somewhere cool, like the spleen. He got his leg. One of the teachers got done in in the town as well, for trying to stop a fight or something, it really doesn't help the school's image. I have even less of a chance of going to Oxford now!! You bastards!!

Not that I would want to go to Oxford anyway. Snobby pricks.

Torchwood. I want it so bad to be good but I'm worried it won't be, judging by those gay trailers they've got going. I might just not watch it in case it's shit. It kind of reminds me of Angel, what with the happy premise of being an more adult, more gritty version of a popular show (like Buffy, or Doctor Who). Plus there's those shots of Captain Jack with his gun out. Long billowy coat? Gravity-defying hair? Stony-faced pseudo-American frontman? Oh yeah. It's my old fandom, back to haunt me. I said this to everyone but no one understands the way my mind works ;_;

Argh. Apparently some dude from the year above was going to ask me out today. He didn't know I was taken? But he asked me out last year and I said no. Some guys do not get the picture. I didn't want to say anything to him, though, because his brother just died or something. Jesus. It could be just a fabrication on my friends' part though, because they need something to spice up their sad, sad lives :D

Okay I wasn't going to add this bit on but I need to get it off my chest. How come there are so many emos/neo-emos walking around with great big bandanas around their necks?! Is there a train robbery imminent, and should I round up the boys for a gatherin'?
  • Everytime you take one of them pills, God probes a kitten.
    • I haven't taken any pills in ages. So just shush. And God doesn't even have a probe, Satan stole it. Yeah, that weird feeling you got in your ass last night? Satan's probe.
  • (no subject) - the_10thdoctor
    • I find it hard to comprehend that they're even trying to present Torchwood as a sexier version of Doctor Who... is it even possible?
      I'm having a time trying to persuade my little brother not to watch it, if it's as raunchy as I'm hoping expecting it to be. He just wants to have another outlet for his Who obsession, I'm a bad influence on him.
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